Reach new customers at high school sports events across America with spirit items

• Since 1990, SPN is the single best source in helping businesses drive new revenue by effectively reaching and influencing 35 – 54 year old consumers along with teenage and young adults at their passion point; high school sports events.

• Through our agreements with more than 9,000 high schools across America , SPN produces and distributes millions of customized spirit items that are sponsored by more than a 50,000 businesses who proudly support the schools and communities they serve. The items are provided to the schools at no cost and are distributed by cheerleaders, booster clubs, and team members at high school sporting events such as football and basketball games as fan appreciation and event attendance incentives.

• SPN handles it all; advising product selection, coordinating sponsorships, manufacturing items and delivery. Whether the objective is to launch a new product, increase the profile of an established business or co-op advertising, we understand the role of promotional marketing in the overall marketing process of building brand equity and customer loyalty along with driving incremental revenue.